A discrete dislocation plasticity analysis of grain-size strengthening

DS Balint*, VS Deshpande, A Needleman, E Van der Giessen

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The dependence of shear yield strength on grain size is analyzed using discrete dislocation dynamics. Plastic deformation is modeled through the motion of edge dislocations in an elastic solid. The lattice resistance to dislocation motion, dislocation nucleation, dislocation interaction with obstacles and dislocation annihilation are incorporated through a set of constitutive rules. Grain boundaries are modeled as impenetrable to dislocations. Single slip is assumed within each grain and a checkerboard-like arrangement of grains is used as a unit cell for the polycrystal. Doubly-periodic pure shear calculations are carried out for planar polycrystals with grain sizes in the range 0.2 mu m

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Pagina's (van-tot)186-190
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TijdschriftMaterials science and engineering a-Structural materials properties microstructure and processing
Nummer van het tijdschrift6
StatusPublished - 25-jul.-2005
EvenementIntenational Conference on Fundamentals of Plastic Deformation - , France
Duur: 13-sep.-200417-sep.-2004


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