A Discussion Game for the Credulous Decision Problem of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks under Preferred Semantics

Atefeh Keshavarzi Zafarghandi*

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Abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs) have been introduced as a general formalism for modeling and evaluating argumentation. However, the role of discussion in reasoning in ADFs has not been clarified well so far.
The current work presents a discussion game, as a proof method, to answer credulous decision problems of ADFs under preferred semantics. The game can be the basis for an algorithm that can be used not only for answering the decision problem but also for human-machine interaction.
Originele taal-2English
TitelOnline Handbook ofArgumentation for AI
RedacteurenFederico Castagna, Francesca Mosca, Jack Mumford, Stefan Sarkadi, Andreas Xydis
StatusPublished - jun-2020

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