A Fast and Memory-Efficient Brain MRI Segmentation Framework for Clinical Applications

Ashkan Nejad*, Saeed Masoudnia, Mohammad-Reza Nazem-Zadeh*

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    Current segmentation tools of brain MRI provide quantitative structural information for diagnosing neurological disorders. However, their clinical application is generally limited due to high memory usage and time consumption. Although 3D CNN-based segmentation methods have recently achieved the state-of-the-art and come up with timely available results, they heavily require high memory GPUs. In this paper, we customize a memory-efficient (GPU) brain structure segmentation framework, named FLBS, based on nnU-nets which enables our framework to adapt its architecture based on memory constraints dynamically. To further reduce the need for memory, we also reduce multi-label brain segmentation to the fusion of sequential single-label segmentations. In the first step, single label patches are extracted from the T1w and segmentation maps by locating the approximate area of each structure on the MNI305 template, including the safety margin. These considerations not only decrease the hardware usage but also maintains comparable computational time. Moreover, the target brain structures are customizable based on the specific clinical applications. We evaluate the performance in terms of Dice coefficient, runtime, and GPU requirement on OASIS-3 and CoRR-BNU1 datasets. The validation results show our comparable accuracies with state-of-the-arts and confirm the generalizability on unseen datasets while significantly reducing GPU requirements and maintaining runtime duration. Our framework is also executable on a budget GPU with a minimum requirement of 4G RAM. We develop a memory-efficient deep Brain MRI segmentation tool that significantly reduces the hardware requirement of MRI segmentation while maintaining comparable accuracy and time. These advantages make FLBS suitable for widespread use in clinical applications, especially for clinics with a limited budget. We plan to release the framework as a part of a free clinical brain imaging analysis tool. The code for this framework is publicly available on https://github.com/arnejad/FLBS.
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    Evenement2022 44th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC) - Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Duur: 11-jul.-202215-jul.-2022


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