A haploidentical may be a better choice than a female genoidentical donor to transplant a patient with high risk acute myelogenous leukemia in first remission

Norbert Gorin, Myriam Labopin, Didier Blaise, Goda Choi, Gerard Socie, Jean Henri Bourhis, Fabio Ciceri, Emmanuelle Polge, Arnon Nagler, Mohamad Mohty

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    Originele taal-2English
    Pagina's (van-tot)564-564
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    TijdschriftBone marrow transplantation
    StatusPublished - jul-2019
    Evenement45th Annual Meeting of the European-Society-for-Blood-and-Marrow-Transplantation (EBMT) - Frankfurt, Germany
    Duur: 24-mrt-201927-mrt-2019

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