A literature review on the psychological needs of students with sensory loss

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The article presents a comprehensive literature review of evidence about
the psychological needs of students with hearing and/or visual loss, as
well as the effect of their perceptions of need support on their motivation,
engagement, and outcomes. The framework applied is based on the Self-
Determination Theory of motivation, which addresses the important
influence that psychological needs bear on the motivation of students.
Seventeen studies were included. Although the results are fragmented in the
sense that no study was found to encompass Self-Determination Theory as a
whole, researchers were able to assess the psychological needs for competence,
autonomy, and relatedness separately. Existing literature reports inconsistent
findings concerning the perceived needs of students. A few studies suggest
that students feel more competent and related in special classroom settings
than they do in mainstream settings. Other studies indicate that the extent
to which students feel competent, autonomous, and related is often similar to
that of students without sensory loss. Potential implications for educational
practice and suggestions for future research are discussed.
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StatusPublished - 1-dec.-2017

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