A Matrix Finsler’s Lemma with Applications to Data-Driven Control

Henk van Waarde, Kanat Camlibel*

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In a recent paper it was shown how a matrix S-lemma can be applied to construct controllers from noisy data. The current paper complements these results by proving a matrix version of the classical Finsler's lemma. This matrix Finsler's lemma provides a tractable condition under which all matrix solutions to a quadratic equality also satisfy a quadratic inequality. We will apply this result to bridge known data- driven control design techniques for both exact and noisy data, thereby revealing a more general theory. The result is also applied to data-driven control of Lur'e systems.
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TitelThe 60 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
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StatusPublished - 1-feb.-2022
EvenementThe 60th IEEE conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2021) - Austin, Texas, United States
Duur: 13-dec.-202117-dec.-2021


ConferenceThe 60th IEEE conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2021)
Land/RegioUnited States
StadAustin, Texas

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