A Meta-Model for Transforming Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research

Jan-Jaap Reinders, Daniel Pesut

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    A Meta-Model of Interprofessional Development is proposed as an integrated theory-based and procedure-centered roadmap for interprofessional collaboration. The Model is designed to inform and connect interprofessional priorities and integrate perspectives of interprofessional practice, education and research. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive and integrated guide to enhance interprofessional collaboration given any context and/or purpose. The model proposes an operational and a strategic dimension that build on a diversity of profession-specific expertise. These dimensions consist of developmental phases related to one or more interprofessional priorities. The operational dimension and the strategic dimension influence each other. All phases influence practice, education and research perspectives. The meta-model states that each interprofessional priority is subject to practice, teachable through education, and verifiable by science. While interprofessional activity may have a common ground; priorities do result in different professional contributions and activities depending on perspective, context, and purpose. This common ground of interprofessional priorities consists of negotiating and appreciating professional identity related to role clarity, shared problem domains, different and complementary approaches to solve a shared problem, interprofessional planning and execution of an interprofessional plan. In addition, interprofessional collaboration depends on other priorities such as engagement, effort and influence at individual, collective and systemic levels. These priorities involve interprofessional identity formation, networks and/or community of practice challenges and the systemic influence of power, policy and politics. Developing interprofessional collaboration is a complex process and the authors hope this meta-model will help students, educators, practitioners and researchers unpack the complexities of interprofessional collaboration.
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    TitelInterprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
    SubtitelInternational Approaches at the Micro, Meso, and Macro Levels
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    StatusPublished - 2022

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