A microsatellite marker linkage map of the housefly, Musca domestica: Evidence for male recombination

B. Feldmeyer, I. Pen, L. W. Beukeboom*

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We present the first molecular marker linkage map for Musca domestica containing 35 microsatellite plus six visible markers. We report the development of 33 new microsatellite markers of which 19 are included in the linkage map. Two hundred and thirty-six F2 individuals were genotyped from three crosses yielding a linkage map consisting of five linkage groups that represent the five autosomes of the housefly. The map covers a total of 229.6 cM with an average marker spacing of 4.4 cM spanning approximately 80.2% of the genome. We found up to 29% recombination in male houseflies in contrast to most previous studies. The linkage map will add to genetic studies of the housefly.

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StatusPublished - aug.-2010

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