A new classification of cardio-oncology syndromes

Rudolf A. de Boer, Joseph Pierre Aboumsallem, Valentina Bracun, Douglas Leedy, Richard Cheng, Sahishnu Patel, David Rayan, Svetlana Zaharova, Jennifer Rymer, Jennifer M. Kwan, Joshua Levenson, Claudio Ronco, Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan, Sherry-Ann Brown*

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Increasing evidence suggests a multifaceted relationship exists between cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Here, we introduce a 5-tier classification system to categorize cardio-oncology syndromes (COS) that represent the aspects of the relationship between cancer and CVD. COS Type I is characterized by mechanisms whereby the abrupt onset or progression of cancer can lead to cardiovascular dysfunction. COS Type II includes the mechanisms by which cancer therapies can result in acute or chronic CVD. COS Type III is characterized by the pro-oncogenic environment created by the release of cardiokines and high oxidative stress in patients with cardiovascular dysfunction. COS Type IV is comprised of CVD therapies and diagnostic procedures which have been associated with promoting or unmasking cancer. COS Type V is characterized by factors causing systemic and genetic predisposition to both CVD and cancer. The development of this framework may allow for an increased facilitation of cancer care while optimizing cardiovascular health through focused treatment targeting the COS type.

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StatusPublished - 21-jun-2021

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