A new, kinematically anomalous HI component in the spiral galaxy NGC 2403

F. Fraternali, T. A. Oosterloo, R. Sancisi, G. van Moorsel


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Submitted to: Astrophys. J. Abstract: We discuss new, high sensitivity HI observations of the spiral galaxy NGC2403 which show extended emission at anomalous velocities with respect to the `cold' disk. This `anomalous' gas component (~1/10 of the total HI mass) is probably located in the region of the halo and rotates more slowly (~20-50 km/s) than the gas in the disk. Moreover, it shows a distortion in the velocity field that we interpret as a large-scale radial motion (10-20 km/s inflow) towards the centre of the galaxy. The most likely explanation for its origin and kinematics seems to be that of a galactic fountain. There is, however, a significant part of the anomalous gas which seems to be moving contrary to rotation and is difficult to understand in such a picture. These anomalous gas complexes discovered in NGC 2403 may be analogous to the High Velocity Clouds of our Galaxy. They may be rather common in spiral galaxies and not have been detected yet for lack of sensitivity. Submitter: ffratern@ira.bo.cnr.it
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TijdschriftAstronomy and astrophysics
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StatusPublished - 2004

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