A nonheme peroxo-diiron(iii) complex exhibiting both nucleophilic and electrophilic oxidation of organic substrates

Patrik Torok, Duenpen Unjaroen, Flora Viktoria Csendes, Michel Giorgi, Wesley R. Browne*, Jozsef Kaizer*

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The complex [FeIII2(mu-O-2)(L-3)(4)(S)(2)](4+) (L-3 = 2-(4-thiazolyl)benzimidazole, S = solvent) forms upon reaction of [Fe-II(L-3)(2)] with H2O2 and is a functional model of peroxo-diiron intermediates invoked during the catalytic cycle of oxidoreductases. The spectroscopic properties of the complex are in line with those of complexes formed with N-donor ligands. [FeIII2(mu-O-2)(L-3)(4)(S)(2)](4+) shows both nucleophilic (aldehydes) and electrophilic (phenol, N,N-dimethylanilines) oxidative reactivity and unusually also electron transfer oxidation.

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TijdschriftDalton Transactions
Vroegere onlinedatum17-mei-2021
StatusPublished - mei-2021

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