A novel dye-linked alcohol dehydrogenase activity present in some Gram-positive bacteria

PW VANOPHEM, Gert-Jan Euverink, Lubbert Dijkhuizen, JA DUINE

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    An assay was developed which allowed reproducible detection of methanol oxidation by cell free extracts of methanol-grown Amycolatopsis methanolica. The dye-linked activity was only observed when high concentrations of phosphate or sulphate salts were applied in the assay. The specific activity strongly increased when raising the amount of cell free extract in the assay. From the large number of electron acceptors tested only the tetrazolium dyes MTT and INT showed significant activity. Activity was observed with primary as well as secondary alcohols. A similar activity was found in ethanol-grown A. methanolica, Rhodococcus erythropolis and Rhodococcus rhodochrous, but not in other bacteria tested. The identity and possible involvement in alcohol oxidation of this novel dye-linked activity is discussed.
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    TijdschriftFEMS Microbiology Letters
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    StatusPublished - 1-mei-1991

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