A platform for the influencers: spreading educational innovations via a professional learning network

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To further the spread of educational innovation and the sharing of good
teaching practices our faculty decided to set up a professional learning
network (PLN). With the PLN the aim is to reach an early majority of
lecturers by asking influential lecturers to share their practical experiences.
Via the PLN meetings for lecturers are organized, web-based resources are
made available and educational support is provided. In meetings lecturers
present good practices for their colleagues. The topics of the meetings
connect to faculty policy (such as: technology enhanced learning, inclusion
of international students). Analysis of visitors to the meetings shows the target audience has been reached. Visitors are mainly lecturers, associate professors and professors, spread evenly across all departments of the faculty. On the topic of Technology Enhanced Learning, 71% of the visitors to the PLN are outside a group of early adopters. Overall, meeting visitors are found to be innovators,
early adoptors and early majority. In conclusion we found that a PLN can be used as a platform for influencers to reach an early majority of lecturers.
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Titel5th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’19)
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ConferenceFifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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