A psycholexical route to content coverage in personality assessment

B. De Raad, A.A.J. Hendriks

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The psycholexical approach to personality, which has resulted in a widely accepted framework of personality trait description, is used for the development of the construction of a personality questionnaire. The principles and theoretical notions leading to the Big Five trait model are discussed, and a brief description is given of the recently developed circumplex representation (AB5C) of the Five factors. The AB5C trait representation is employed in an integrated approach with the central idea of the Facet methodology, enabling an optimal coverage of the contents of the trait sphere. The resulting faceted presentation is used for the generation of items for a encompassing personality questionnaire. The procedure for item-production is described. A unique Feature in the construction of the item-pool is the fact that the items are constructed in an interactive process between English-American, German, and Dutch teams. Leverage of the trait domain following the described procedure is tested by relating the results to the various niches of the AB5C system.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Psychological Assessment
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StatusPublished - 1997

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