A relational approach to local immigrant policy-making: collaboration with immigrant advocacy bodies in French and German cities

Maria Schiller, Julia Martínez-Ariño, Mireia Bolíbar

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The role of immigrant advocacy bodies in collaborative policy–making in cities is so far insufficiently researched. This article investigates the ties between relevant urban actors and immigrant advocacy bodies in cities in two Western European countries. We draw on an original survey in forty French and German cities as well as fieldwork in one French and one German city to analyze whether urban actors from a variety of policy sectors and domains of society cooperate with immigrant councils and immigrant associations, and which factors explain such collaboration. Counter to the existing literature on the role of intermediaries between municipalities and immigrant populations, we find a widespread existence of ties with immigrant advocacy bodies. However, such ties are not mainstreamed. Instead, collaboration is most present among actors in charge of immigrant affairs, and when actors meet in policy fora that allow interaction between urban actors and immigrant advocacy bodies.
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TitelDiversity in Local Political Practice
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StatusPublished - 13-mei-2021

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NaamEthnic and Racial Studies

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