A speech-act-theoretic approach to lying with projective content

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I propose a speech-act theoretic analysis of projective content, i.e., conventional implicatures and presuppositions. Recently, against orthodoxy, it has been argued that the possibility of lying is not restricted to assertions, but can be extended to projective content. However, little has been said why specifically conventional implicatures and presuppositions are suitable types of content for lying. My aim is to propose that conventional implicatures and presuppositions can be treated as ancillary speech acts, i.e., linguistic acts that are carried by ordinary speech acts (like assertions or questions). Specifically, they are distinct types of speech acts with unique constitutive norms. Such an analysis shows why conventional implicatures and presuppositions satisfy all conditions of being a lie.
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TitelProceedings of the ESSLLI Student Session 2021
RedacteurenMina Young Pedersen, Alexandra Pavlova
StatusPublished - 13-aug-2021

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