A systematic analysis on the clinical safety and efficacy of onco-virotherapy

Darshak K. Bhatt, Lieske Wekema, Luciana Rodrigues Carvalho Barros, Roger Chammas, Toos Daemen*

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Several onco-virotherapy candidates have been developed and clinically evaluated for the treatment of cancer, and several are approved for clinical use. In this systematic review we explored the clinical impact of onco-virotherapy compared to other cancer therapies by analyzing factors such as trial design, patient background, therapy design, delivery strategies, and study outcomes. For this purpose, we retrieved clinical studies from three platforms: ClinicalTrials.gov, PubMed, and EMBASE. We found that most studies were performed in patients with advanced and metastatic tumors, using a broad range of genetically engineered vectors and mainly administered intratumorally. Therapeutic safety was the most frequently assessed outcome, while relatively few studies focused on immunological antitumor responses. Moreover, only 59 out of 896 clinical studies were randomized controlled trials reporting comparative data. This systemic review thus reveals the need of more, and better controlled, clinical studies to increase our understanding on the application of onco-virotherapy either as a single treatment or in combination with other cancer immunotherapies.

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TijdschriftMolecular Therapy - Oncolytics
StatusPublished - 17-dec.-2021

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