A Systemic Perspective on Organizations: International Experience with the Systemic Constellation Method

Salome Scholtens*, Hedwig Boer, Lisa Kiltz, Joke Fleer

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A systemic perspective is considered helpful when facing complex organizational challenges, but its practical implementation may be challenging. A potential effective method that facilitates the practical application of a systemic perspective may be the Systemic Constellation method. This method aims to raise individuals’ awareness of their social context and to render explicit their tacit knowledge relating to this social context. In recent decades, consultants, coaches, and other professionals, worldwide, have adopted this method, acquired through self-education. However, thus far, this method received only little attention from the scientific community and scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the method is limited. There is currently almost no data on professionals using the Systemic Constellation method within organizations or on how and when they apply it. This lack of insights impedes its scientific evaluation and quality monitoring. We collected data from 273 professionals who use this method. Our results confirmed the existence of a diverse and growing international community. Respondents reported that the primary advantage of using this method is its perceived effectiveness. They felt that the method could benefit from a stronger scientific foundation. Our results shed light on a potentially effective and feasible method for applying a systemic perspective within organizations and suggest directions for future research.

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TijdschriftSystemic Practice and Action Research
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 10-apr.-2023

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