A two-component signal-transduction cascade in Carnobacterium piscicola LV17B: two signaling peptides and one sensor-transmitter

M Kleerebezem, OP Kuipers, WM de Vos, ME Stiles, LEN Quadri*, Willem M. de Vos, Michael E. Stiles, Luis E.N. Quadri

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In the lactic acid bacterium Carnobacterium piscicola LV17B a peptide-pheromone dependent quorum-sensing mode is involved in the regulation of bacteriocin production. Bacteriocin CB2 was identified as an environmental signal that induces bacteriocin production. Here, we demonstrate that a second 24 amino acid peptide (CS) also induces bacteriocin production. Transcription activation of several carnobacteriocin operons is triggered by CB2 or CS via a two-component signal transduction system composed of CbnK and CbnR. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.

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StatusPublished - okt.-2001

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