A web-based adaptive tutor to teach PCR primer design

Janneke R. van Seters*, Joan Wellink, Johannes Tramper, Martin J. Goedhart, Miriam A. Ossevoort

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When students have varying prior knowledge, personalized instruction is desirable. One way to personalize instruction is by using adaptive e-learning to offer training of varying complexity. In this study, we developed a web-based adaptive tutor to teach PCR primer design: the PCR Tutor. We used part of the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (the three cognitive processes: remember, understand, and apply) to design exercises of varying complexity. Using this method, we demonstrated that we were able to systematically categorize exercises. There was also a good learning effect and a positive student perception when using the PCR Tutor.

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TijdschriftBiochemistry and molecular biology education
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StatusPublished - 2012

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