Accelerated Foveated Rendering based on Adaptive Tessellation

Ankur Tiwary, Muthuganapathy Ramanathan, Jiri Kosinka


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We propose an optimization method for adaptive geometric tessellation, involving the saccadic motion of the human eye and foveated rendering. Increased demands on computational resources, especially in the field of head-mounted devices with gaze contingency make optimization schemes pertinent for a seamless user experience. For implementing foveated rendering, our algorithm tessellates a 3D model in real-time based on the location of the user's gaze, substituted with a mouse cursor in this project as a proof of concept. Saccades and fixations of the human eye are simulated by delaying the process of tessellation and rendering by the minimum time taken to complete a saccade. Calculations required for tessellation and rendering the changes on the screen are stalled as and when the eye fixates after a saccade. The paper walks through our contribution by describing the theory, the application method, and results from our user study evaluating our method.
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TitelEurographics 2020 - Short Papers
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StatusPublished - 2020

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