Active 3D Shape Co-segmentation with Graph Convolutional Networks

Zizhao Wu, Ming Zeng, Feiwei Qin, Yigang Wang, Jiri Kosinka

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We present a novel active learning approach for shape co-segmentation based on graph convolutional networks (GCN). The premise of our approach is to represent the collections of 3D shapes as graph-structured data, where each node in the graph corresponds to a primitive patch of an over-segmented shape, and is associated with a representation initialized by extracting features. Then, the GCN operates directly on the graph to update the representation of each node based on a layer-wise propagation rule, which aggregates information from its neighbors, and predicts the labels for unlabeled nodes. Additionally, we further suggest an active learning strategy that queries the most informative samples to extend the initial training samples of GCN, to generate more accurate predictions of our method. Our experimental results on the Shape COSEG Dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

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TijdschriftIeee computer graphics and applications
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2019

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