Acute cytomegalovirus infection and the host immune response development and maintenance of cytomegalovirus (cmv) induced invitro lymphocyte reactivity and its relationship to the production of cmv antibodies

C. H. H. ten Napel, T. Hauw The

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    Cytomegalovirus-induced lymphocyte reactivity (CMV-LR) of peripheral blood lymphocytes and antibodies against CMV-early (EA) and late (LA) antigens were studied in eighteen patients with documented acute CMV infections and seventy-six healthy persons. The development of a positive CMV-LR test lagged far behind the appearance of virus-specific antibodies. Positive CMV-LR tests were shown in all fourteen patients who could be tested twice or more. The median value of twenty-two tests in the acute phase (<50 days) was 269 d/min and the median of thirty tests in the post-illness phase (>50 days) was 1301 d/min (P<0·02). Once positive CMV-LR remained so during the follow-up period, up to 479 days after the onset of illness symptoms. In the meantime the LA and EA antibody response remained positive. Only two patients studied once showed negative CMV-LR responses while their serum contained high CMV-EA antibody titres. In CMV-LA seropositive healthy individuals who also possessed CMV-EA antibodies (LA+EA+) CMV-LR was higher (P<0·01) than in the LA seropositives who lacked EA antibodies (LA+EA−). The young LA+EA+ individuals, however, showed better (P<0·02) CMV−LR test results than the aged ones while their CMV antibody levels—especially the EA antibodies (P<0·02)—were lower. This phenomenon of increased CMV antibody production in relation to depressed CMV-LR is possibly caused by age-associated impairment of T lymphocyte function. The combined CMV-LR and EA antibody tests may provide useful means to study the specific immunological host/virus relationship in different clinical situations.
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