Advances in the development of entry inhibitors for sialic-acid-targeting viruses

Rick Heida, Yoshita C Bhide, Matteo Gasbarri, Özgün Kocabiyik, Francesco Stellacci, Anke L W Huckriede, Wouter L J Hinrichs*, Henderik W Frijlink

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Over the past decades, several antiviral drugs have been developed to treat a range of infections. Yet the number of treatable viral infections is still limited, and resistance to current drug regimens is an ever-growing problem. Therefore, additional strategies are needed to provide a rapid cure for infected individuals. An interesting target for antiviral drugs is the process of viral attachment and entry into the cell. Although most viruses use distinct host receptors for attachment to the target cell, some viruses share receptors, of which sialic acids are a common example. This review aims to give an update on entry inhibitors for a range of sialic-acid-targeting viruses and provides insight into the prospects for those with broad-spectrum potential.

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TijdschriftDrug Discovery Today
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Vroegere onlinedatum2020
StatusPublished - jan-2021

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