Adverse Childhood Experiences and frailty in later life: a prospective population-based cohort study

Menelaos M. Dimitriadis, Hans W. Jeuring, Radboud M. Marijnissen, Thomas H. Wieringa, Emiel O. Hoogendijk, Richard C. Oude Voshaar

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BACKGROUND: The deficit accumulation method considers the ageing process underlying frailty as a random accumulation of health deficits. OBJECTIVE: Although Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) have consistently been associated with the onset of mental disorders and somatic diseases during adolescence and midlife, it remains unknown whether ACE still exert detrimental health effects in late life. Therefore, we examined cross-sectionally and prospectively the association between ACE and frailty among community-dwelling older people. DESIGN: Based on the health-deficit accumulation method, a Frailty Index was calculated with values ≥0.25 considered as frail. ACE were measured by a validated questionnaire. The cross-sectional association was examined by logistic regression among 2,176 community dwelling participants aged 58-89 years. The prospective association was examined by Cox-regression among 1,427 non-frail participants during a 17-year follow-up. Interactions with age and sex were tested and analyses were adjusted for potential confounders. SETTING: The present study was embedded in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam. RESULTS: ACE and frailty were positively associated at baseline (OR = 1.88; 95% CI = 1.46-2.42; P = 0.05). Among non-frail participants at baseline (n = 1,427), ACE interacted with age on the prediction of frailty. Stratified analyses showed that a history of ACE only resulted in a higher hazard rate for the incidence of frailty among those aged ≥70 years (HR = 1.28; P = 0.044). CONCLUSION: Even in the oldest-old, ACE still lead to an accelerated rate of the accumulation of health deficits and therefore contribute to the onset of frailty.

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TijdschriftAge and Ageing
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StatusPublished - 1-feb.-2023

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