Assessment of the Validation Status of Health-Economic decision models (AdViSHE) is a tool that provides model users with a structured view into the validation status of the model, according to a consensus on what good model validation entails. Reporting Tool for Model validation. Available from Result from my ZONMW grants. VIMP to support implementation of AdViSHE, an instrument for Assessment of the Validation Status of Health Economic decision models (ZONMW project 1520020501) Disease models used for decisions on expensive drugs: a new instrument to enable structured model assessment (ZonMw-project 152002050) In the meantime more than 50 papers have used this tool, and many more referred to it: It is mentioned in two national guidelines for economic evaluation. (Australia and the Netherlands) It has an active twitter account: (kept active by Isaac Corro Ramos, Erasmus University and team member)
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StatusPublished - 2020

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