Age and growth of Scyliorhinus canicula (L., 1758) in the Strait of Sicily from vertebrae readings

Flavia Berlinghieri, Sergio Vitale, Marco Arculeo, Pietro Rizzo, Salvatore Gancitano, Michele Luca Geraci, Fabio Fiorentino


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A reference collection of 173 vertebrae (90 males and 83 females) was used for the estimation of age and growth of Lesser Spotted Dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula L., 1758) by growth rings analysis of vertebrae. Vertebrae were prepared by the removal of adhering material with a solution of bleach, and were aged with the coloration of red Alizarin and read as a whole using a reflected light stereomicroscope at 10 magnification. A total of vertebrae of 77 specimens, ranging from 18.0 to 51.5 cm total length, were successfully read. Readings were taken twice and independently by three trained readers. Average Percent Age Error index (APE), coefficient of variation (CV), and percent agreement were computed to assess the precision. On the basis of counting of “annuli”, the estimated age ranged from 0 to 5 years with an overall high percent agreement and precision among the three readers. A preliminary set of von Bertalanffy growth parameters (sex combined) were estimated as: L∞ = 59,9798 , K = 0,2716, t0 = -1,1386 . This information represents a main prerequisite for assessment and management of Lesser Spotted Dogfish, a by-catch species regularly caught by trawlers targeted to Deep water rose shrimp in the Strait of Sicily.
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StatusPublished - 16-apr-2018
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EvenementSixth international Otolith symposium: 6th International Otolith Symposium in Taiwan 2018 - Keelung,Taiwan, Keelung, Taiwan, Province of China
Duur: 16-apr-201820-apr-2018


ConferenceSixth international Otolith symposium
LandTaiwan, Province of China

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