Ageing in Care Homes: Place Attachment and Homemaking Practices of Older Adults in Kerala, India

Nikhil Pazhoothundathil Narayanan


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    Ageing in Care Homes: Place Attachment and Homemaking Practices of Older Adults in Kerala, India

    As India is undergoing demographic transition and the state Kerala leading in population ageing scenario, this doctoral pursuit explores the link between homemaking process and wellbeing of older adults living in care homes. Contrary to the common perception in Indian society which symbolizes care homes as place for the destitute, this study shows care homes as spaces of active ageing where older adults play significant roles in modifying their environment to (re) create a home. This study relies on the theories of cultural schemas, emotional geographies, daily rhythm and kinning to explore a wide range of lived experiences. We conducted the study at three care homes belonging to different socio-economic strata. We applied the methods such as in-depth interviews; participant and non-participant observations; and photography to better understand the performative roles of older adults in homemaking practices.
    This study finds that pathways to care home is not a linear process, but involved multiple places of residences and the decision making process is determined by socio-economic status, family ties and social network. Cherished possessions brought from their family-home are embedded with multiple memories and emotions helped older adults to constitute a sense of happiness, co-presence and identity. Domestic activities, daily routines and religious practices help to constitute rhythm in new setting. Engagement in care relations such as kinning help older adults to reproduce missing family ties in an institutional setting.
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