AGN feeding and feedback in Fornax A. Kinematical analysis of the multi-phase ISM

F. M. Maccagni*, P. Serra, M. Gaspari, D. Kleiner, K. Morokuma-Matsui, T. A. Oosterloo, M. Onodera, P. Kamphuis, F. Loi, K. Thorat, M. Ramatsoku, O. Smirnov, S. V. White

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We present a multi-wavelength study of the gaseous medium surrounding the nearby active galactic nucleus (AGN), Fornax A. Using MeerKAT, ALMA, and MUSE observations, we reveal a complex distribution of the atomic (H I), molecular (CO), and ionised gas in its centre and along the radio jets. By studying the multi-scale kinematics of the multi-phase gas, we reveal the presence of concurrent AGN feeding and feedback phenomena. Several clouds and an extended 3 kpc filament - perpendicular to the radio jets and the inner disk (r ≲ 4.5 kpc) - show highly-turbulent kinematics, which likely induces non-linear condensation and subsequent chaotic cold accretion (CCA) onto the AGN. In the wake of the radio jets and in an external (r ≳ 4.5 kpc) ring, we identify an entrained massive (∼107 M) multi-phase outflow (vOUT ∼ 2000 km s−1). The rapid flickering of the nuclear activity of Fornax A (∼3 Myr) and the gas experiencing turbulent condensation raining onto the AGN provide quantitative evidence that a recurrent, tight feeding and feedback cycle may be self-regulating the activity of Fornax A, in agreement with CCA simulations. To date, this is one of the most in-depth probes of such a mechanism, paving the way to apply these precise diagnostics to a larger sample of nearby AGN hosts and their multi-phase inter stellar medium.

Reduced images and datacubes are also available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via
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TijdschriftAstronomy and Astrophysics
StatusPublished - 2-dec.-2021
  • Feeding and feedback in Fornax A

    MacCagni, F. M. (Contributor), Serra, P. (Contributor), Gaspari, M. (Contributor), Kleiner, D. (Contributor), Morokuma-Matsui, K. (Contributor), Oosterloo, T. (Contributor), Onodera, M. (Contributor), Kamphuis, P. (Contributor), Loi, F. (Contributor), Thorat, K. (Contributor), Ramatsoku, M. (Contributor), Smirnov, O. (Contributor) & White, S. V. (Contributor), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2-dec.-2021


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