AI Technical Considerations: Data Storage, Cloud usage and AI Pipeline

P. M. A van Ooijen, Erfan Darzidehkalani, Andre Dekker

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    Artificial intelligence (AI), especially deep learning, requires vast amounts of data for training, testing, and validation. Collecting these data and the corresponding annotations requires the implementation of imaging biobanks that provide access to these data in a standardized way. This requires careful design and implementation based on the current standards and guidelines and complying with the current legal restrictions. However, the realization of proper imaging data collections is not sufficient to train, validate and deploy AI as resource demands are high and require a careful hybrid implementation of AI pipelines both on-premise and in the cloud. This chapter aims to help the reader when technical considerations have to be made about the AI environment by providing a technical background of different concepts and implementation aspects involved in data storage, cloud usage, and AI pipelines.
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    StatusPublished - 20-jan.-2022

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