AI’s Role in Creative Processes: A Functionalist Approach

Leonardo Arriagada*, Gabriela Arriagada-Bruneau

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From 1950 onwards, the study of creativity has not stopped. Today, AI has revitalised debates on the subject. That is especially controversial in the artworld, as the 21st century already features AI-generated artworks. Without discussing issues about AI agency, this article argues for AI’s creativity. For this, we first present a new functionalist understanding of Margaret Boden’s definition of creativity. This is followed by an analysis of empirical evidence on anthropocentric barriers in the perception of AI’s creative capabilities, which is later criticised for considering insights from media theory. Finally, benefits derived from including AI as an artistic creative producer and supportive tool are discussed. It is then argued that AI can contribute to democratising the artworld. Therefore its creative role must be recognised.
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TijdschriftOdradek. Studies in Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics, and New Media Theories
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StatusPublished - 24-aug.-2022

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