Alkali Earth Ion Spectroscopy in Preparation of a Weinberg Angle Measurement

Nivedya Valappol, Elwin Dijck, Aswin Hofsteenge, Amita Mohanty, Lorenz Willmann, Klaus-Peter Jungmann



Through precision spectroscopy on Ba+ ions we determine precisely the 6s2S1/2 - 6p2P1/2, 6p2P1/2 - 5d2D3/2, 6s2S1/2 - 5d2D3/2 transition frequencies. In these experiments we employ laser-cooled single trapped ions. The optical frequencies are controlled by a frequency comb and I2 line locked laser system. We have achieved more than 2 orders of magnitude improved values, i.e. we have reached 10−11 relative accuracy. In a further measurement we have determined precisely the lifetime of the lifetime of the 5d2D5/2 state. Our experiment is aimed at precisely testing the available atomic calculations and in particular atomic wave functions the knowledge of which is needed for interpreting a precise measurement of atomic parity violation in heavy alkaline earth atoms through light shifts in the narrow optical 6s2S1/2-5d2D3/2 single photon transition. The weak mixing angle can be determined precisely from the weak interaction contributions between primarily the nuclear neutrons and the atomic valence electron to the atomic binding.
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StatusPublished - 12-sep-2017
EvenementInternational Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics - EXA2017 - Austrian Academy of Sciences, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, Wien, Austria
Duur: 11-sep-201715-sep-2017


ConferenceInternational Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics - EXA2017
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