Alpha glucans

Lubbert Dijkhuizen, (Uitvinder), Joana Gangoiti Muñecas, (Uitvinder), Sander Sebastiaan van Leeuwen (Uitvinder), Christina Vafeiadi (Uitvinder), Stéphane Duboux, (Uitvinder)



The present invention relates to the field of poly- and oligosaccharides and their dietary effects. In particular it relates to a method of producing an α-glucan containing (α1→3) linked D-glucose units. The invention also provides a branched α-glucan comprising alternating (α1→4) and (α1→3) glucosidic linkages and having (α1→3,4) branching points, a food composition, and the use of an α-glucanotransferase enzyme for reducing the digestible carbohydrates of a starch containing food material. Further aspects of the invention are a bacteria, an enzyme and an expression vector.

Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 7-dec.-2017

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