Amplification of chromosome subregion 12p11.2-p12.1 in a metastasis of an i(12p)-negative seminoma: relationship to tumor progression?

R F Suijkerbuijk, R J Sinke, D E Weghuis, L Roque, A Forus, F Stellink, A Siepman, C van de Kaa, J Soares, A Geurts van Kessel

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Cytogenetic analysis of a metastasis of a human testicular germ cell tumor (seminoma) revealed multiple numerical and structural anomalies, including an abnormally banding region (ABR) present on the short arm of one of the chromosome 12 homologs. Fluorescence in situ- and comparative genomic hybridization experiments revealed that the ABR results from the amplification of 12p11.2-p12.1 derived sequences. We speculate that this particular region may harbor gene(s) relevant for testicular germ cell tumor progression.

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TijdschriftCancer Genetics and Cytogenetics
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StatusPublished - dec-1994
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