An A(4) flavor model for quarks and leptons in warped geometry

Avihay Kadosh, Elisabetta Pallante*

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We propose a spontaneous A(4) flavor symmetry breaking scheme implemented in a warped extra dimensional setup to explain the observed pattern of quark and lepton masses and mixings. The main advantages of this choice are the explanation of fermion mass hierarchies by wave function overlaps, the emergence of tribimaximal neutrino mixing and zero quark mixing at the leading order and the absence of tree-level gauge mediated flavor violations. Quark mixing is induced by the presence of bulk flavons, which allow for "cross-brane" interactions and a "cross-talk" between the quark and neutrino sectors, realizing the spontaneous symmetry breaking pattern A(4) -> nothing first proposed in [X.G. He, Y.Y. Keum and R. R. Volkas, JHEP 04 (2006) 039]. We show that the observed quark mixing pattern can be explained in a rather economical way, including the CP violating phase, with leading order cross-interactions, while the observed difference between the smallest CKM entries V-ub and V-td must arise from higher order corrections. Without implementing P-LR (or other versions of) custodial symmetry, the bulk mass parameter of the left-handed quarks in this model is constrained by the Zb (b) over bar best fits, still allowing for a Kaluza-Klein scale below 2TeV. Finally, we briefly discuss bounds on the Kaluza-Klein scale implied by flavor changing neutral current processes in our model and show that the residual little CP problem is milder than in flavor anarchic models.

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TijdschriftJournal of High Energy Physics
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StatusPublished - 25-aug-2010

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