An aggressive lactotroph pituitary tumor in a young male: A pituitary carcinoma without metastasis

Friederike E Roelandt-Schumann*, Rob A Vergeer, Astrid G W Korsten-Meijer, Miranda C A Kramer, Henriëtte E Westerlaan, Jan W R Pott, Janine Nuver, Gerrit van den Berg, Wilfred F A den Dunnen

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This case report concerns a 31-year-old male with an aggressive pituitary tumor who presented initially with bitemporal hemianopsia and slightly elevated prolactin. On magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, there was a sellar mass with parasellar invasion to the lateral aspects of the internal carotid arteries, compressing the optic chiasm. On histopathological analysis, the diagnosis was made of a densely granulated lactotroph pituitary tumor with a Ki67 proliferation rate of 15%, a mitotic count of 6/10 high-power fields, and p53 positivity. Based on these features, the tumor was classified as a grade 2b tumor according to the Trouillas classification, and a more aggressive behavior of the tumor could be expected. In order to anticipate a future need for alternative drug treatments, the following analyses were undertaken: MGMT methylation (present) as well as the expression of estrogen receptor (negative), programmed-death ligand 1 (60 - 70% positive tumor cells), vascular endothelial growth factor-A and somatostatin receptor 2 (both positive). There was regrowth of residual tumor tissue, and the treatment consisted thus far of repeat surgery, cabergoline, pasireotide, and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy with temozolomide could not yet be initiated due to a concurrent infertility treatment. This case is unique because the tumor displays atypical characteristics, both in terms of morphology and behavior. It also illustrates how pathologists can play an important role in determining the diagnosis, prognosis, and possibilities for targeted therapy.

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Vroegere onlinedatum2022
StatusPublished - 2022

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