An attention-based view on managing information processing channels in organizations

Desiree Blankenburg Holm*, Rian Drogendijk, Hammad ul Haq

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This paper investigates how information processing channels can be managed such that relevant and novel information about the environment is gathered despite attention biases of top managers and challenges to maintain motivation levels of information providers. We argue that organizations need open and transparent information processing channels, which make top managers accountable. Furthermore, middle managers dedicated to managing these channels who act as a bridge between the information providers and the top managers help to reduce the information overload for top managers. This increases the likelihood that top managers will take appropriate action on the information provided and give suitable feedback to the senders. Lastly, these actions will only be beneficial when they are aligned with company strategy and values.

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TijdschriftScandinavian Journal of Management
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StatusPublished - jun.-2020


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