An Empirical Multimodal Approach to Open-World Video Games

Janina Wildfeuer, Dušan Stamenković

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    This chapter presents results of an empirical case study based on annotating
    an open-world video game and creating datasets in order to describe the
    semiotic elements of this video game at work. Following the procedure of identifying elements and semiotic modes on canvases of real-time video games presented in Bateman et al. (2017b), it provides a semiotic inventory of Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar North 2013) so as to allow a systematic empirical analysis of the ways in which various semiotic elements are employed in the game’s main story missions. This analysis of the combinations of multimodal elements across gameplay stages shows the diversity of features that structure our experience of the game and guide us within the open world. In particular, it shows mission-related and gameplayrelated instructions as well as the specific result that many of these instructions last until the very end of the game. Along with several other findings, this reveals some new facets of complex mainstream game design.
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    TitelEmpirical Multimodality Research
    SubtitelMethods, Evaluations, Implications
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    StatusPublished - 8-nov-2021

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