An enantioselective artificial metallo-hydratase

Jeffrey Bos, Ana Garcia-Herraiz, Gerard Roelfes*

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Direct addition of water to alkenes to generate important chiral alcohols as key motif in a variety of natural products still remains a challenge in organic chemistry. Here, we report the first enantioselective artificial metallo-hydratase, based on the transcription factor LmrR, which catalyses the conjugate addition of water to generate chiral beta-hydroxy ketones with enantioselectivities up to 84% ee. A mutagenesis study revealed that an aspartic acid and a phenylalanine located in the active site play a key role in achieving efficient catalysis and high enantioselectivities.

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TijdschriftChemical Science
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StatusPublished - 27-jun-2013

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