An energy-based natural selection model

Noam Abadi*, Guillermo Abramson

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Genetic information and environmental factors determine the path of an individual’s life and, therefore, the evolution of its entire species. We have succeeded in proposing and studying a model that captures this idea. In our model, a renewable resource extended throughout the environment provides the energy necessary to sustain life, including movement and reproduction. Since the resource doesn’t regrow immediately, it generates competition between individuals and therefore provides a natural selection pressure from which evolution of the genetic traits is observed. As a result of this, several phenomena characteristic of living systems emerge from this model without having to introduce them explicitly. These include speciation and punctuated equilibrium, competitive exclusion, and altruistic behavior from selfish rules.
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TijdschriftPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
StatusPublished - 15-nov.-2021
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