An exploratory survey on the state of training in adolescent medicine and health in 36 European countries

Pierre-Andre Michaud, Danielle Jansen, Lenneke Schrier, Johanna Vervoort, Annemieke Visser, Lukasz Dembinski*

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The development of adolescent health and medicine as a medical discipline lags behind in Europe compared with other regions of the world. This study aims to evaluate the structure and content of adolescent medicine and health training curricula for medical students, paediatricians, and other primary care physicians in the European region. A questionnaire survey was sent by e-mail to experts in the field from 36 European countries, addressing the content of adolescent health issues. Data was obtained from all 36 countries. At the undergraduate level, seven countries reported some mandatory stand-alone teaching (sessions dealing specifically with adolescents), while seven countries reported optional stand-alone teaching. In only 7 out of 36 countries were issues critical to adolescents covered as stand-alone sessions. At the postgraduate level, 15 countries delivered stand-alone mandatory training sessions to primary, secondary, or tertiary care paediatricians, covering most of the five critical areas listed in the questionnaire. In another 13 countries, such sessions were not mandatory and were inexistent in eight of them. The coverage among school physicians was similar but was much lower among general practitioners. Conclusion: Paediatric associations and academic institutions should advocate for a better coverage of adolescent health and medicine in the training curricula of health care providers.What is known:center dot In most European countries, adolescent medicine is still poorly represented as a dot Experts have recently published recommendations regarding what form the structure and content of a training curriculum in this field should take.What is new:center dot This paper gives information on the extent and content of training in adolescent medicine and health as currently offered within under- and postgraduate European training curricula, in terms of stand-alone mandatory (versus optional) dot In many European countries, both medical students and residents are poorly exposed to the basic knowledge and skills pertaining to adolescent health care.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Pediatrics
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StatusPublished - okt-2019

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