An internet-based study on the relation between disgust sensitivity and emetophobia

Mark van Overveld*, Peter J. de Jong, Madelon L. Peters, Wiljo J. P. J. van Hout, Theo K. Bouman

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    In the etiology of disgust-relevant psychopathology, such as emetophobia (fear of vomiting), two factors may be important: disgust propensity, i.e., how quickly the individual experiences disgust, and disgust sensitivity, i.e., how negatively does the individual evaluate this disgust experience [van Overveld, W. J. M., de Jong, P. J., Peters, M. L., Cavanagh, K., & Davey, G. C. L. (2006). Disgust propensity and disgust sensitivity: separate constructs that are differentially related to specific fears. Personality and Individual Differences, 41, 1241-1252]. Hence, the current study examines whether emetophobic participants display elevated levels of disgust propensity and sensitivity, and whether these factors are differentially related to emetophobia.

    A group of emetophobic members of a Dutch website on emetophobia (n = 172), and a control group (n = 39) completed an internet survey containing the Emetophobia Questionnaire, Disgust Propensity and Sensitivity Scale-Revised, Disgust Scale, and Disgust Questionnaire.

    Results showed that the emetophobic group displayed significantly elevated levels of both disgust propensity and disgust sensitivity compared to the control group. Most importantly, disgust sensitivity consistently was the best predictor of emetophobic complaints. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    StatusPublished - apr.-2008

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