An Introduction to Cultural Policy in the Polder

Edwin van Meerkerk, Quirijn van den Hoogen

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    Cultural Policy formation is a discursive activity in society. Discourse on cultural policies impacts how we think about the role of art and culture in society and how cultural institutions organize themselves and provide a cultural offering to society. The introduction traces the origins of the Dutch cultural policy system and the discourse during 25 years of cultural policy in the Netherlands. Thus, it takes takes stock of the most pressing issues regarding cultural policy in the Netherlands which will be fleshed out in the chapters of the book.
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    TitelCultural Policy in the Polder
    Subtitel25 Years Dutch Cultural Policy Act
    RedacteurenEdwin van Meerkerk, Quirijn van den Hoogen
    UitgeverijAmsterdam University Press
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    StatusPublished - 30-okt.-2018

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