An Open Invitation to Open Innovation: Guidelines for the Leadership of Open Innovation Processes


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Leadership is crucial for the successful internal implementation of open innovation (OI) initiatives. Based on empirical evidence from the leadership, organizational change, and OI literatures, this chapter provides practical guidelines that can help leaders overcome some of the most common internal impediments to OI adoption. Specifically, it stresses the critical role that leaders can play in (1) getting people on board by creating and promoting a shared vision of OI, (2) earning employee commitment to OI by showing in words and deeds that it is more than just a new flavor of the month, (3) reshaping the definition of success by challenging assumptions about appropriate behaviors and aligning the reward/incentive systems, and (4) contributing to internal capability building by developing individuals and facilitating the development of internal networks. Moreover, it provides some practical strategies for leaders interested in embedding OI into their organizations.
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TitelOpen Innovation
SubtitelAcademic and Practical Perspectives on the Journey from Idea to Market
RedacteurenA.B. Markman, H.P. Naquin
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StatusPublished - jun.-2016

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