Analyse van de mythe


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In the first part of this paper we study various definitions and ways of analysing myth. Regarding the definition, we accept Burkert's statement of myth being 'a traditional tale with secondary, partial reference to something of collective importance,' but we add two qualifications. First, the stress on the traditional character of myth insufficiently allows for the birth of new myths. Second, defined in this way, myth cannot be easily distinguished from genres such as the legend and (what Germans call) Sage. As regards to the analysis of myth, we discuss the difference between syntagmatic and paradigmatic structures, the possible sociological value, and the difference in level of myth and ritual. In the second pan of this paper we first look at the individual motifs of the Oeidipusmyth. Then, following Gernet and Jeanmaire, we recognise an initiatory structure in the tale of the exposed prince who defeats a monster and gains a kingdom. Finally, we suggest that the incest motif was organically tied up with the motif of the parricide, being a comment of archaic Greek society on the heinous character of the crime.
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