Anomalous internal pair creation in Be-8 as a signature of the decay of a new particle

A. Vitez*, A. Krasznahorkay, J. Gulyas, M. Csatlos, L. Csige, Z. Gacsi, A. Krasznahorkay, B. M. Nyako, F. W. N. De Boer, T. J. Ketel, J. Van Klinken

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    In a measurement of the angular correlation of e(+)e(-) pairs in the isovector M1 decay from 1(+) level at 17.64 MeV in Be-8, a large deviation was found from quantum electrodynamics(QED)-prediction for internal pair conversion (IPC). By postulating the emission of a neutral particle with a mass of 12 (2.5) MeV/c(2) the structure of the angular correlation can be described.

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    TijdschriftActa Physica Polonica B
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    StatusPublished - feb.-2008
    Evenement30th Mazurian Lakes Conference on Physics - , Poland
    Duur: 2-sep.-20079-sep.-2007

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