Application of adaptive multilevel splitting to high-dimensional dynamical systems

S. Baars*, D. Castellana, F.W. Wubs, H.A. Dijkstra

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Stochastic nonlinear dynamical systems can undergo rapid transitions relative to the change in their forcing, for example due to the occurrence of multiple equilibrium solutions for a specific interval of parameters. In this paper, we modify one of the methods developed to compute probabilities of such transitions, Trajectory-Adaptive Multilevel Sampling (TAMS), to be able to apply it to high-dimensional systems. The key innovation is a projected time-stepping approach, which leads to a strong reduction in computational costs, in particular memory usage. The performance of this new implementation of TAMS is studied through an example of the collapse of the Atlantic Ocean Circulation.

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TijdschriftJournal of computational physics
Vroegere onlinedatum30-sep-2020
StatusPublished - jan-2021

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