Application of artificial intelligence in cardiac CT: From basics to clinical practice

L B van den Oever, M Vonder, M van Assen, P M A van Ooijen, G H de Bock, X Q Xie, R Vliegenthart*

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Research into the possibilities of AI in cardiac CT has been growing rapidly in the last decade. With the rise of publicly available databases and AI algorithms, many researchers and clinicians have started investigations into the use of AI in the clinical workflow. This review is a comprehensive overview on the types of tasks and applications in which AI can aid the clinician in cardiac CT, and can be used as a primer for medical researchers starting in the field of AI. The applications of AI algorithms are explained and recent examples in cardiac CT of these algorithms are further elaborated on. The critical factors for implementation in the future are discussed.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Radiology
Vroegere onlinedatum8-apr-2020
StatusPublished - jul-2020

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