Approaching probabilistic truths: introduction to the Topical Collection

I. Niiniluoto*, Gustavo Cevolani, Theodorus Kuipers

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After Karl Popper’s original work, several approaches were developed to provide a sound explication of the notion of verisimilitude. With few exceptions, these contributions have assumed that the truth to be approximated is deterministic. This collection of ten papers addresses the more general problem of approaching probabilistic truths. They include attempts to find appropriate measures for the closeness to probabilistic truth and to evaluate claims about such distances on the basis of empirical evidence. The papers employ multiple analytical approaches, and connect the research to related issues in the philosophy of science.
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StatusPublished - 8-apr.-2022
EvenementSymposium Approaching Probabilistic Truths: ​Sixteenth International Congress Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology - Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
Duur: 5-aug.-201910-aug.-2019

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