Assessing Motor Performance in Preschool Children: The Zurich Neuromotor Assessment-2 and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2

Gerda van der Veer, Erica Kamphorst, Alexander Minnaert, Marja Cantell, Tanja H. Kakebeeke, Suzanne Houwen*

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Comparing motor assessment tools that are available for young children is important in order to select the most appropriate clinical and research tools. Hence, this study compared motor performance assessed with the Zurich Neuromotor Assessment-2 (ZNA-2) to the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 (MABC-2). The sample consisted of 169 children, aged 3–5 years (87 boys; 51%). We used Pearson correlations to examine relationships between the ZNA-2 and MABC-2 component and total scores. In addition, Pearson correlations were performed between individual fine motor and balance items of the ZNA-2 and MABC-2. Results were that the total scores of the ZNA-2 and MABC-2 correlated moderately (r =.40, p <.001). Non-significant to moderate correlations were found between components (r = −.00 to.47) and between individual items of fine motor skills (r =.04 to.38) and balance (r = −.12 to.38). Thus, the ZNA-2 and MABC-2 measure partly similar and partly different aspects of motor performance.

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TijdschriftPerceptual and Motor Skills
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StatusPublished - 1-okt-2021

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